hosting service reply:

Thank you for contacting support. That error indicates an issue with communicating with Microsoft’s update servers so it is not something we would be able to assist with i am very sorry.

From Ed

What I have read is the 2 error codes you have provided are both Outlook error codes.
0x8004210a        0x80004005

I have read regarding fixing this issue and everything seemed to be an issue with Outlook

regarding this issue
0x8004210a error in outlook
You will find instructions for addressing this issue here

Here are some instructions for setting up your outlook program in case this may be of some help.

Regarding this issue

report error (0x80004005)

The error 0x80004005 is a common problem in Outlook

I have read several instructions for fixing this issue.
Several of them will mention deleting the old email account and creating a new one and though instructions may mention this in step maybe 6 I recommend doing this first.

Below is a link with considerable instructions.